Instant analysis of the midterm election results

Just a few thoughts on the results so far:

Been watching a lot of “theblaze” election coverage tonight on YouTube (Glenn Beck and his folks) and I agree with what their pundits are saying which is: after all of what the Democrats, the media, the Hollywood crowd, and everyone else threw at Trump and the GOP, you would have thought the Dems would have done a lot better than this.

They pick up the House, for sure, but it wasn’t by much. They lost ground in the Senate, lost both statewide races in Florida by narrow margins to Republicans for governor (Ron DeSantis over Andrew Gillum) and Senate (Rick Scott over Bill Nelson), lost the Senate race in Texas to Ted Cruz despite pouring $70 million into Beto O’Rourke’s coffers, and it looks like they even lost the governor’s race in Georgia to the GOP’s Brian Kemp, the state where Oprah and all the celebrities were flown in to support the Democrat Stacey Abrams. That was one really good thing about this election — the fact that so many Democrat endorsements by big celebrities like Taylor Swift fell flat.

It just goes to show that Donald Trump and his band of GOP supporters are not going away, despite the onslaught of opposition against them. Even with the House going Democratic, the blue folks can’t simply go on like they have the last two years. They cannot go on being the “angry mob”; they cannot go on freaking out about Trump’s every last move while at the same time engaging in the politics of personal destruction, such as what went down with Brett Kavanaugh.

People are seeing through it, clearly, and see the Democrats as just as much responsible (or more) for the political divide in the USA that we are seeing today. They are just as unhinged as Trump is. In fact, now that you think of it, they are even worse.

Despite the final result in the Texas Senate race, Beto O’Rourke threw a scare into Republicans in Texas, and the Democrats actually took away some House seats and other races there, particularly around Dallas. The folks on theblaze feed were actually really freaking out about Texas and about the future of politics there. They were moaning about the demographic changes there (and in Georgia) and about how all these folks from California were moving to Texas and swinging the state more towards the Democrats.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, because you would think the people leaving California would be wanting to escape the liberals. Anyway, this goes to show that a conservative State like Texas is becoming a victim of its own success: even the liberals want to move there now.

That’s all.