Trump is making enemies out of lots of non-Americans in this election!

I have been spending the last few days getting caught up on all the attack ads going on in this US election, not to mention all of Donald Trump’s crazy rallies which are littering YouTube as usual.

Honestly, this American off-year election has been depressing. What bothers me the most is all the vitriol being spewed towards immigrants and to people from outside the country in general. I have never seen immigrants treated with such contempt in any US election, ever, even counting the last one in 2016 which was pretty bad for that sort of thing.

First of all, right-leaning people are going on ranting about the “caravan” heading north to the USA, as if this was some “invading army” or something. This is nothing of the sort. These folks are desperate people trying to flee a bad situation in Central America, looking to feed their families, yet they’re being painted in the USA as people to be afraid of.

Then you have Trump ranting about possibly issuing an executive order to get rid of birthright citizenship!

I guess he wants to stop “birth tourism” from happening in the USA, but isn’t there a better way? Birthright citizenship happens to be a bedrock principle for the USA for as long as anyone can remember. I don’t think Trump could get rid of it anyway, given the Constitution and court rulings, but that hasn’t stopped him before.

Personally, I’m not at all thrilled with what Trump is saying, based on my own situation. I was born here in Canada to, surprise, surprise, immigrants! In fact, I’m the first member of my immediate family to be a “Canadian”. So I can’t say that I am in favour of any policy in Canada or the USA that would take citizenship away from people born in the country, even if the parents are undocumented immigrants. It just strikes me as a heartless and wrong thing to do.

I guess the latest outrage is this new video from Trump, which is about as bad as it gets. It featured the Sacramento cop killer with the tag line “Democrats let him into our country.” Check this story out about this latest new low for American politics.

This is what the discourse in the USA has sunk to, folks, with immigrants painted as criminals and as general enemies of the people.

It’s disappointing to see, and speaking of which, don’t get me started on Trump’s “enemies of the people” rants about the media, either.

Isn’t there any Republican out there who has the guts to mount a primary challenge to Trump in the next presidential election? Just to try and restore some semblance of decency to that party, and to America? What a sorry state of affairs for politics in the USA.