The last word on Megyn Kelly’s abysmal NBC flame-out

I really don’t have a lot to say about Megyn Kelly and her big NBC implosion over her “blackface” Halloween comments on-air last week that got her ejected from her show. It was exactly the sort of inappropriate comment you could see Kelly making sooner or later; she really does tend to push the politically-incorrect limits.

But let’s face facts, she was going to be booted out of NBC anyway; her big mouth simply moved up the departure date.

Suffice it to say that I am with all the people who think she was “doomed” and “miscast”. NBC, and for that matter everyone else, overestimated the appeal of Kelly to begin with. Everyone thought that just because Kelly took on Donald Trump in the GOP debate, and got under his skin, that suddenly she was this rising TV news star. On that basis NBC ended up paying Kelly millions upon millions of dollars, $69 million to be exact, to host this absolute flop of a show in the morning.

I got the impression NBC thought Kelly would be their next “Barbara Walters”, and eventually be a similar money train, with TV specials with big celebrities and the like. But she was simply too obnoxious a personality for that role. Kelly was off-putting to celebrities like Debra Messing and Jane Fonda and other uptight Hollywood types who wanted nothing to do with her style of interviewing — the type of interview where the subjects squirm in their seats.

She also had a prime time show on NBC that was also a hideous flop, if I remember correctly, so I question whether any role at NBC would have suited her. I think the public flat-out couldn’t care less about her. I don’t think any fans of her former network Fox News misses her from there either, and from what I hear, Fox News won’t take her back now.

It looks like Megyn Kelly is completely done in TV, period. Good riddance to her train wreck, finally. That is it for now.