Bad News Roundup: it’s all bad news from Pittsburgh, Leicester City, and elsewhere

Just before posting this morning, I thought I would take a look at all the news sites to see if more bad news had popped up overnight. The good news is there isn’t, at least nothing major, which is good because we have enough bad news already.

What an unbelievable week. First, there were those pipe bombs that were still going out in the mail to all these prominent Democrats. In fact, other explosive devices were found going to Joe Biden, Maxine Waters and other prominent targets of Donald Trump and the right-wing radio talk show hosts.

They arrested the guy who did it on Friday in Florida, and of course he’s a big “MAGA” supporter. It figures.

Then, just the other day, came the mass shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh in which 11 people were killed. Just a horrible, horrible scene.

You know, there’s a reason why I call that place the “Upset States” these days, because things are too crazy down there. It doesn’t give me confidence about the USA as a place to visit, frankly, with all this mayhem happening. Although you have to say the whole world is a mess right now (ie. the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a super typhoon that devastated US territories in the Pacific, the stock market, etc.)

I was watching the news reports of the Pittsburgh shooting during NBC coverage of the big Premier League game between Leicester City and West Ham. The game kept on getting interrupted with breaking news reports.

That leads me to mention the other bad news to tell you about to report, which is what transpired after the game ended. The helicopter that was meant to carry the owner of the Leicester City team crashed immediately outside the stadium into a ball of fire. And now the owner is believed dead. (Update: he is dead.)

You can’t even tune in the sports to escape the bad news these days. On that note, I am now going to tune in the Mexican 🇲🇽 Grand Prix; hopefully, nothing bad happens there today. That is all.

Update: Now, tonight we get word that a bunch of air passengers in Florida are left stranded because the pilot had a loaded pistol in his carry-on bag. Good grief, folks. “Upset States” is right.

Another update: in other cheery news of the day, Brazil has just voted fascist.