Municipal Election Day in Toronto! Lots of city councillors soon to be out of jobs

So, today is the municipal election in Toronto and environs.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a very interesting mayor’s race in Toronto: incumbent Mayor John Tory seems to have it pretty much wrapped up against opponents such as the left-wing’s preferred candidate Jennifer Keesmaat and that absolute alt-right lunatic Faith Goldy (!) whose campaign videos are absolutely littering YouTube at the moment. (And I do mean “littering”.)

The council races are a different story. Among other things, this is the election that was thrown into chaos when Premier Doug Ford cut the number of council seats from the current 44 down to 25. As a result, several incumbent councillors are in the fights of their lives seeking reelection. Several races feature big names facing off against each other. We could see some familiar faces being booted right off of council for that reason (ie. Ford supporter Georgio Mammoliti, said to be trailing,)

The ‘burbs look like they could see some interesting races. The most interesting one is over in my former journalistic stomping grounds of Brampton. It is there where that Patrick Brown character, overthrown as PC party leader over sexual misconduct and other controversies earlier this year, is attempting his political comeback running for mayor of Brampton against incumbent Mayor Linda Jeffrey.

Quite honestly, a Brown victory would be shocking to me because most of his ties are to Barrie, not Brampton. Yet the polls suggest it could be a close race and he might win, which would make him an instant thorn in the side of Premier Ford.

Anyway, we shall see what happens. Basically, this post serves as my reminder to myself to tune in Monday to the election results before I head off to cover, you guessed it, city council.