Lewis Hamilton could clinch F1 title today in Austin, Texas! (Update: No, he doesn’t.)

Instead of watching NFL football today, my plan is to watch Lewis Hamilton wrap up the Formula 1 title at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas — which also happens to be the first F1 race in quite a while to be seen on North American TV at a reasonable hour of the day. Seriously, getting up way early in the morning or staying up late at night to watch F1 races is no good.

Also, the other good thing is that if Hamilton wins today, I can go ahead and ignore the rest of the F1 races left on the calendar and concentrate on NASCAR instead.

I guess the American-based owners of F1 have quietly relented on their decision to get rid of the grid girls entirely, because I notice the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have shown up in Austin, again.

UPDATE: No title today. I guess I have to watch the Mexico race now.