What a mess Michael has made in the Florida panhandle

Yikes, folks, I have been catching up on some of the Michael hurricane damage reports out of Florida today and it sounds like the Florida panhandle really got whacked. Honestly, I did not expect this storm to get as strong as it did. I thought maybe it would only be a category 2 or 3, but I guess the warm temperatures in the water caused this thing to really blow up in intensity, right as it hit the shoreline. It stopped just short of being a cat. 5 when it hit.

Power is out down there and I guess the TV stations got whacked, too, and knocked from the air, and a few lives have been lost. It looks like a ton of buildings have been ripped apart. I understand a major concern going forward is going to be the spread of disease and viruses there, especially from these mosquitoes.

Also, I understand this storm made its way to Georgia and the remnants took a dump on top of the Carolinas which is still cleaning up from its last hurricane.

I now fully expect the political people to use this storm to hurl more attacks at Trump.

I am glad I am not in the hurricane zone right now. That is easy to say today, here in frozen snow-zone Canada 🇨🇦.