My reaction to Crimetown

The W5 piece that aired Saturday called “Crimetown”, about crime in North Battleford, is exactly what I expected. It was sensational, painted a bleak picture of the city and exaggerated the true state of the crime situation.

That said, there was one part of the documentary that really got my attention. It was the point when they were talking about those eight prolific offenders causing 38 percent of the calls for service in the downtown core.

The reason I hit the roof was because these same folks have been causing issues down there for years. I was writing about them two and a half years ago, and yet there’s still nothing being accomplished.

So I wrote a column in which I vent about them, and other things that I felt the need to vent about the city’s crime efforts. Let’s just say I’ve gone along with the city’s program long enough; they need to change things up. My column will be on newsstands in the Regional Optimist on Thursday.

Update: it’s now up.


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