The comeback is complete!! Tiger! Tiger!

Well, folks, like all the rest of you rabid sports fans, I skipped out on watching the NFL this Sunday afternoon and instead tuned in to the end of the PGA Tour golf season, with Tiger Woods winning The Tour Championship while Justin Rose found a way to salvage the FedEx Cup with a birdie on 18.

Obviously nobody cares about the overall champion Justin Rose, it was all about “Tiger! Tiger!” and his big comeback today from the golfing dead. It has been basically forever (five years) since Tiger has won any PGA Tour event. You could see all the excitement right there on the course with all the fans following Tiger around.

The TV ratings had to have been through the roof. And the ratings will surely be through the roof next week when the Ryder Cup is on, in what will be more bad news for the NFL. The football ratings continue to take a tumble due to fan backlash towards players taking a knee during the national anthem.

See, that is what happens when one sport is taken over by politics, while the other sport is, ahem, not.