Florence update: the Carolinas are a mess

I do not have a lot to say tonight, other than to give you this update on what used to be Hurricane Florence. It’s caused a lot of flooding in the Carolinas and a lot of people have been killed. The story here from FOX News.

It’s sad. I have an affinity for the Carolinas because I like NASCAR, plus lots of my undergrad university professors got their degrees from around there (so I basically got my education from the ACC, when you think of it). And of course, former ‘Riders quarterback Darian Durant is from the Carolinas. Now, unfortunately, they are having a hard time. I guess that part of the ‘States was due. Last year it was Houston and Florida that got socked by the hurricanes; this year was the Carolinas’ turn.

And that’s not all folks. There was also Typhoon Mangkhut that hit Hong Kong and made its way into mainland China, causing havoc. Strangely enough, I tuned in Hong Kong live TV and radio and there was nowhere near the level of freaking out like we saw with the American coverage. Maybe there should have been, because a lot of people were killed by this same storm in the Philippines.

I understand we may not be done with the hurricanes. I understand the Atlantic is still unusually active right now with potential storms. Meanwhile, there was good weather in other places: much of the USA was stinking hot today and I noticed at the NASCAR race in Las Vegas it was 99 degrees (!).

UPDATE: did you see that video featuring that Weather Channel guy overacting about the strength of the hurricane?

While he is busy looking like he was losing his balance and about to blow over, two other guys are walking in the background checking their cell phones and looking totally unaffected!! What a farce!