France-Croatia final caps a thrilling World Cup from Russia

Once again, yet another soccer World Cup went by so fast. The final goes in Moscow between France and Croatia.

The games Croatia have been involved in have been particularly thrilling, with Croatia going to penalties with Denmark, and then going to penalties against Russia, and then beating England in extra time to advance to the Cup finals.

By that standard, you would think the finals in Moscow would also go at least 120 minutes. The chances of that are better than you think. In fact, the World Cup finals have been notorious for going into extra time for the past several tournaments, the last one to be decided in regulation time was Brazil’s win in 2002. That’s right, folks, there are kids in high school who weren’t even born the last time a World Cup was decided in regulation time.

Some people think that will indeed happen and that France will settle things before there is any need for overtime. But if I were you I would make sure to set up the DVR for possible extra time.

All in all, I would say this World Cup has lived up to this tournament’s usual reputation for political incorrectness, right down to its politically-incorrect locale: Russia. A country that is in deep trouble with law enforcement in the USA due to election hacking.

As for Pres. Donald Trump, he is due to hold a summit with Pres. Vladimir Putin after insulting everyone in NATO this week, etc. etc.

Back to sports for a moment. This World Cup final weekend marks a sudden halt to a lot of sports activity for a few days. The World Series of Poker Main Event is being played to a winner as we speak. The Honda Indy goes in Toronto on Sunday, which yet again is being held on the same day as a World Cup final. I notice there are stories on both TSN and Sportsnet on concerns about attendance at the race! Maybe the real reason attendance is down is because too many race fans have moved out of Toronto (ie. myself.). (UPDATE: it sounds like the attendance actually did turn out to be pretty good.)

Also, Major League Baseball heads to the All-Star break after Sunday’s action, and I notice people on the radio were moaning again about how the younger generation isn’t interested in baseball.

This coming week will surely be a chance for sports fans to decompress and focus on other things, such as the activities of the aforementioned Mr. Trump. It just never ends with him.

UPDATE: We have a Main Event Poker winner! John Cynn wins an epic back-and-forth heads-up for the title! The interview with the champion is below.