Soccer dominates headlines in this week’s News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this Sunday, and the news is totally dominated by soccer. Of course, there is the World Cup of Soccer, but there is other soccer team news. Namely, those kids from the soccer team in Thailand who need to be rescued from that cave they are trapped in.

This story has gripped the world given how perilous the rescue mission is. As I write this, four kids have been extracted out, and another rescue is meant to happen soon. So hopefully this will turn out to be a “good news” story in the end. Updates here. (Update: They got all of them out!)

Back to the World Cup, the semi-finals have been set with France taking on Belgium and England taking on Croatia. Can you believe we are at this point already? After days on end of multiple World Cup games on TV, there are now only four games left in the entire tournament (counting the third-place game).

The story so far has been the jaw-drop reaction of commentators to the early eliminations of big name teams like Germany (in the group stage, no less), Spain, Argentina, and now Brazil. It’s as if these folks don’t realize there are a lot of other countries around the world that are also good at this sport called soccer, or futbol.

Also, I find amusing the reaction of fans in England, where the country has totally shut down during games. There have been scenes of deserted shopping malls in England during big England games.

I’ll tell you, that never happens in Canada. I remember when Canada played the USA for the Olympic Gold in hockey in 2002. I was living in Toronto at the time, and in between periods I ducked out to get some food from the mall across the street. Incredibly, the mall was packed with people. Moreover, it was obvious none of them cared about the big game. It was rather sad, actually. Anyhow, I appreciate the passion some fans around the world have for soccer.

In the USA, whose team didn’t make it to Russia, there is no such passion. TV ratings on FOX are down 42 percent. Who can blame these viewers for tuning out, especially with games shown either way too early in the morning, or during the day when you’re supposed to be working.

A few more World Cup stories: the easily-triggered people are now complaining about sexism at the World Cup. Commentators like CNN’s Brooke Baldwin are ranting about how this is the most sexist World Cup of all time, because of instances of female TV reporters being kissed by crazed fans on the air.

Personally, I think this fan behaviour has less to do with sexism and more to do with (a) fans being idiots, and (b) alcohol. Honestly, though, I don’t know why these guys embarrass themselves like this on TV. They only come across looking like big idiots.

What the critics don’t realize is that the World Cup has always brought out the worst in civilization. This actually isn’t the worst World Cup for sexism; this nonsense has been going on for years (ie. “sexiest fan” photo galleries and the like). But this tournament is even more notorious for its “nationalism”. It is nation against nation, and basically is war without the guns, every four years. But look on the bright side: this is far superior to staging World War III and killing people. There, that is all I have to say about the World Cup.

Other news: I notice President Donald Trump was back to staging his beloved political rallies this week. He was down in Great Falls, Montana, which is not all that far from my own neck of the woods, in a packed arena. I heard some of his speech on the satellite radio and he was really socking it to the Democrats — socking it to Hillary Clinton, to Maxine Waters, to Sen. Jon Tester, to everyone.

It was pretty funny, actually, if you weren’t a Democrat — or a member of the dishonest media. “They are so dishonest. Fake news. They’re fake news media.” Of course, CNN considered what Trump said to be dangerous.

Now I notice North Korea is mad at Trump and the USA again, using the word “gangsters“. It never ends.

In today’s weather report, there has been a huge heat wave going on across the United States and Canada. California has been seeing record highs. In Quebec, the heat wave was so bad that 54 people died.

Some sad news to pass along. Former MSNBC liberal talk show host and former Fargo TV sports guy Ed Shultz has passed away.

The World Series of Poker is still on at the Rio in Las Vegas, they have just cashed at the $10,000 Main Event and play continues to determine a final table. I guess the big news has been the crybaby sore-loser antics of Phil Hellmuth, with his trash-talking of other players at the feature table.

In Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel won the British Grand Prix. 🏎

In NASCAR Erik Jones won an absolutely wreck-filled Coke Zero 400 last night in Daytona.

In Iowa, James Hinchcliffe won the Iowa Corn 300. 🌽

Also, it has been a big last 24 hours for sports in Iowa: the Iowa Barnstormers won the Indoor Football League title.

And in dramatic fashion at UFC 226 in Las Vegas, Daniel Cormier KOed Stipe Miocic to become a double-champion (heavyweight and light-heavyweight), and then he calls out Brock Lesnar to potentially fight him! And then Lesnar goes in the ring and shoves him in true Vince McMahon fashion.

So, where might Lesnar and Cormier fight? Could it be — Toronto?

That is that for that.