Free agent Sunday: LeBron to Lakers, Tavares to Leafs

This has been a massive day for news about free agents in the NBA and NHL. The big news from the NBA was that LeBron James has left Cleveland and signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Four year deal, $153.3 million.

Not a surprise; for days, all the talk on sports talk radio in the ‘States was that this was going to happen, although I guess the 76ers made a late play for him.

And this is the end of the Cavs as a contender in the NBA. Folks in Cleveland are less devastated than the last time James left, because they did get a title out of LeBron in the last four years, but they are still disappointed — and have to be just plain cynical about pro sports and pro athletes.

Meanwhile in the NHL, John Tavares has left the Islanders and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This news knocked the World Cup of Soccer off the top of the home pages of the nation’s TV sports channels, further cementing their reputations as the “Toronto Sports Networks”. Heck, TSN has Tavares as their No. 1 top story, ahead of LeBron!

But once again, this news of Tavares going to the Leafs is a shock to no one, everyone was playing up this prospect for days if not weeks. It also makes the Leafs a serious contender, for once, for the Stanley Cup.

Folks, don’t you hate seeing championships decided not on the ice or on the court, but in the boardroom by sports agents?! That is kind of my reaction to this. It kind of sucks the life out of being a fan.

Anyway, congratulations to the Lakers on winning the NBA Championship next year, and congratulations to the Leafs on finally winning the Stanley Cup.