G7 implodes thanks to Pres. Donald Trump, and other News from Nowhere

Welcome to a long-awaited News from Nowhere, with most of the news in this edition emanating from the Upset States of America — and in particular, its upset President, Donald Trump. This man really is the one-man wrecking crew of the G7.

These last few weeks have been proof of that! First, this guy Trump suddenly imposes tariffs on steel imports from Canada, sparking retaliatory measures and a trade war. Then, he gets into another senseless feud with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, and revokes their invite to visit the White House.

Now, he’s managed to get himself into a fight with Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau and the entire rest of the G7 at their meeting this weekend in Canada. First, he complained about the exclusion of the Russians and called for them to be readmitted. Then he went and disparaged NAFTA and Trudeau, both publicly and on Twitter.

Then at the end of it, these seven G7 leaders were going to sign this joint communique, except Trump pulled out at the last minute. He then trashed Trudeau for making false statements at his news conference, and used that as his excuse for bowing out. LarryKudlow was on Face the Nation today, further attempting to direct the blame Trudeau’s way for what happened.

Up here in Canada, regardless of how people might feel about our own Prime Minister and his policies (and a lot of people don’t like Trudeau at all and think he’s incompetent), the reality is there is absolutely no sympathy for this Trump character. None, whatsoever. Everyone knows Trump is no friend of Canada’s on trade issues or Canadian jobs, after all of what he has said and done lately.

The main problem is Trump has no idea who his true friends in the world really are. He’s going around making the countries that really are his friends — his trading partners — look like enemies in the eyes of the American people. This approach is totally self-defeating, because his trading partners are going to all react negatively. Who will want to do trade with the USA with Trump in charge? These countries are either going to go somewhere else, or impose their own retaliatory measures on the USA. And everyone will pay the price for it.

Anyway, now Trump is off to Singapore for his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in an attempt to save the world from the nuclear missiles. Let’s all hope this goes a heck of a lot better than the G7 did for everyone.

Already, a Fox News commentator is in trouble for referring to Trump and Kim as the “two dictators“. Anyway, we shall see what transpires at this summit.

Other news: this really has been a bad week in all kinds of ways. It has been the week of suicides involving famous people.

  • First, fashion designer Kate Spade. Dead.
  • Then, famous globe-trotting chef Anthony Bourdain. Dead.

More bad news: commentator Charles Krauthammer announced he is dying of cancer.

Enough of this depressing news. Let us talk about sports, shall we:

  • Thursday night, in Las Vegas, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. Alex Ovechkin, after years of misery for both his team and himself, was named MVP and finally got to hoist the trophy. I wonder if Trump will invite the Capitals to the White House. I can see the headlines now: “Donald Trump meets the Russians.”
  • Friday night, the Golden State Warriors completed their sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA Finals, their third title in four years. It could be the last we see of LeBron James in a Cavs uniform as free agency beckons.
  • Saturday, Justify won the Belmont Stakes to capture horse racing’s Triple Crown.
  • Later that night, the Saskatchewan Rush defeated the Rochester Knighthawks at home at SaskTel Centre, to win the deciding game for the National Lacrosse League championship! It was their third title in four years and they got to hoist an all-new NLL Cup 🏆 trophy, too. This win should get local people’s minds off of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and all their problems (lousy pre-season, no offence, kicker Tyler Crapigna out for the season etc.).
  • Sunday, Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix.
  • The World Series of Poker is on now, in Las Vegas. Updates here.
  • Coming this Thursday — the World Cup of Soccer, from everyone’s favourite country, Russia.

At the movies, the all-female-cast Ocean’s 8 won the domestic box office with a haul of $41 million-plus, which is the best opening in franchise history.

Also, my latest Cairns on Cinema column, focusing on the recent cinema openings/announcements/changes out of Saskatoon, is now up.

I cannot leave without mentioning what is happening at the Miss America Pageant. Wow, is that pageant ever going head-first into a rapid descent.

As I’ve said before, I haven’t been impressed with that pageant or the way it has been run for years. That pageant has always struck me as being too pretentious for its own good, and not much fun compared to its arch-rivals Miss USA/Miss Universe. But now, Miss America has finally gone completely off the deep end. Under the leadership of its new boss, Gretchen Carlson, this pageant is totally getting rid of swimsuits and is also changing the evening gown competition.

They will not be judging based on beauty anymore, apparently. A non-beauty beauty pageant? That will be a first for the entire world, I think.

(Mind you, their swimsuit competition has been really bad for years, with the worst-looking swimsuits imaginable.)

Most of the reaction I’ve seen on Twitter has either (1) blasted the Miss America Organization for its irrelevance, or (2) ridiculed any guys interested in looking at contestants in swimsuits to begin with.

Personally, my favorite reaction is the one Henry Winkler gave to TMZ on the topic. “I don’t care!”

And that is all for the moment.