Now my thoughts about the exciting NHL, and the deathly dull NBA

I just wanted to air out a few random thoughts about the NHL and NBA games last night.

Honestly, I don’t know why ratings down in the Upset States are so much better for the NBA, because every other league has them beat for entertainment, especially the NHL. Last night’s Vegas-vs-Washington Stanley Cup Finals game one was dynamite right to the end. Beyond that, though, the game day presentation was something else.

Hockey fans here in frozen Canada marvelled about it during the series with Winnipeg, when they saw this “Golden Knight” on the ice dueling a jet fighter plane and splitting it in half. But then last night they brought him out again to go after these red and blue warriors, and then they hauled out Michael Buffer for the opening intros complete with “let’s get ready to rumble!” The pregame is a mammoth production, with the acrobatics and all that. Vegas fans really do get their money’s worth at the arena before the game even begins.

It’s the absolute opposite of the boring stuff we do in boring Canada for our hockey games, where everyone is dead serious about going to the arena. They really do need to liven things up a bit here.

As for the NBA, once more you did not need to be The Amazing Kreskin to predict yet another Golden State-Cleveland final at the start of this season. This really is getting ridiculous. In fact, I noticed the fans on Twitter really tore into the NBA in disgust over this last night. So many of them were saying they were through with the NBA, and claiming the sport was trash and as rigged as the WWE.

As a miserable Toronto Raptors fan myself, I feel everyone’s pain. Seriously, if you live in any of the other markets, besides the Bay Area and northern Ohio, what’s the point of watching the NBA when you know it’s going to be the same two teams all the time? But the NBA is always like this. I remember when the Heat had those winning teams, and the Lakers had those winning teams, and the Bulls had those winning teams, and nobody else had a hope in those years, either.

I think the real reason fans are especially mad this time about what transpired is because we were teased and duped into thinking Houston and Boston and Toronto and these other teams had a hope this season. These teams all had their big regular seasons, so maybe it finally meant there would be a changing of the guard at the top. But no, it’s the Warriors versus LeBron, again. As for LeBron James, he is in the NBA finals for the eighth straight year. Not even Tom Brady can do that in his league.

In fact, the only other major league that’s like this is La Liga over in Spain, between Real Madrid and Barcelona all the time. That is a similar joke — it’s basically a two-team league every year. Heck, even the Barclay’s Premier League is more unpredictable than this.

As for last night’s NBA Western Conference game 7, I was in meetings so I didn’t tune in to the second half. I guess Houston went into full-on “brick” mode and missed so many three pointers in a row, and lost the game. Well, that’s life, but don’t feel too sorry for the Houston fans, because they still have baseball. Which, I feel compelled to point out, is far better anyway.

On that note… it is back to baseball watching tonight, with the NBA and NHL enjoying the night off. Reminder to myself to rant about the UFC move to ESPN next time I’m here.