Tampa Bay-Washington set to go to see who faces Vegas for the 2018 Stanley Cup

Tonight, the Washington Capitals face the Tampa Bay Lightning to determine who gets to face those first-year castoffs the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals (!).

It doesn’t matter who wins the hockey game tonight, because Canadian hockey fans (who are still bitter the Winnipeg Jets lost) will be triggered either way. If it’s the Lightning, Canadians will be mad because it will be an all-Sunbelt Stanley Cup final! Vegas vs. Tampa!

Of course, Canadians think they are far more worthy of being in the NHL than these Sunbelt teams in the first place. But if it is Washington in the finals, they will still be triggered, because it will be Vegas vs. Ovechkin. And Canadian fans still can’t bring themselves around to believing he is any good.

Tonight’s big game, as well as the entire Stanley Cup finals, is on that bastion of Canadiana the CBC. Who knows why.

Heck, the CBC would be far better off covering a league in which Canadian teams actually make it in to the finals (ie. the CFL, MLS, CHL, etc. etc.)

Update: Game Seven is already epic: it’s been full of fights.

Update #2: That is it, the game is over, it is indeed Vegas vs. Ovechkin, with Game One on Monday night at T-Mobile.