BNN Bloomberg launches April 30; spells end to Vancouver’s TSN 1410

So the news from Canadian media is that BNN and Bloomberg have joined forces and their combined business news channel will launch April 30. This is actually a move that was announced some time ago and gives BNN exclusive rights to Bloomberg TV programming in Canada. However I should point out Bloomberg was technically already here in Canada. They had been competing with BNN for a time, but Channel Zero pretty much shut down the Canadian operation several months ago.

Amanda Lang had been at Bloomberg Canada until this happened, and then returned to BNN. So does this mean she is now “back at Bloomberg?” Ha ha ha.

For sports fans, the big news here is that Bell is going to torpedo TSN 1410 out of Vancouver and turn it into BNN Bloomberg 1410, which will basically air the TV feed. That is also happening April 30.

Unfortunately for BC sports fans, this makes total sense after what happened last year, with the radio rights to the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Blue Jays going over to Sportsnet 650. There really is no need for TSN to hold onto two radio stations in Vancouver (TSN 1040 being the other one) when just one will do for the Whitecaps, Lions and other games they might have.

Still, it is kind of odd that the first all-business-news radio station in Canada would be in Vancouver. You would think it ought to be in Toronto, home of Bay Street. Who knows, maybe that is also coming soon.