Blizzards, ice storms, World War III lead an apocalyptic News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere after what has been a particularly bad week in the world of news. At least, in my area, it has been bad, but a lot of people must be feeling bat-crazy after all the bad weather across North America this week.

But first, a final word about the US-British-France air strikes hitting Syria and their despotic regime. All in all, I am glad that we are not yet into World War III, but I am still worried that cooler heads are not going to prevail and that this could spiral out of control. I read all about how World War I started and I don’t want something like that happening again.

The Russians warned of “consequences” the other day and who knows what those could be. As for the US, ambassador Nikki Haley said the US is “locked and loaded” if chemical weapons are used again in Syria. Anyway, it sounds as if things have calmed down for the moment, but this is still a powder keg for the whole freaking world.

Meanwhile, here we are, on April 15 in North America, and we are still getting horrible winter weather. This week the Midwest USA, including the Twin Cities area, got socked with a blizzard. A blizzard. In April, people.

It was so bad that the Winnipeg Jets’ plane had to turn back, delaying them from making it in for game three of their playoff series with the Minnesota Wild. Fortunately they did finally make it.

On top of all that, southern Ontario and the Great Lakes region got hit with an ice storm this weekend. Fun stuff, unless you have plans to actually try to walk down the street.

It really is annoying to get into mid-April and have to put up with snow on the ground. I understand our own area might get snow later this week. Aargh!

Meanwhile, here are temperatures today in the sun belt: Las Vegas high today of 28 C, Phoenix 33 C, and Palm Springs 33 C. It’s good to know that life is good, somewhere.

Of course, here in Saskatchewan the national media have all been here all week covering the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy. I wrote a column about it this week, hoping to try and say the right things. Unfortunately, we are now at the phase where the funerals have started. Depressing stuff.

Also, the SJHL playoffs have finally resumed and the finals got under way last night between Estevan and Nipawin, which included a tribute to the Broncos.

Meanwhile in Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Rush and Georgia Swarm played their National Lacrosse League game last night at SaskTel Centre wearing commemorative jerseys in honor of the Broncos. The names of everyone on the Broncos team lined the side boards where the ads usually are.

Before I go, some other news from the sports world: Manchester City clinched the Premier League title today after Man United embarrassingly lost to soon-to-be-relegated West Brom by a 1-0 final score. So Man United unwittingly handed their arch-rivals the title, with five games to spare.

And Daniel Ricciardo won the Chinese Grand Prix.

That is all I have to say for now.

UPDATE: Some sad breaking news to report. Former First Lady Barbara Bush is in failing health.

Also sad news: longtime late night radio host Art Bell is dead.