Now, the last word about Conor McGregor’s embarrassing recent antics

On to more uplifting news from some of the other, more hilarious sports out there. And hilarious is right when describing the gong show over at the UFC with Conor McGregor.

Folks, this guy has really lost it — he really has gone insane. The big news on Thursday from Dana White was that a warrant was out for McGregor’s arrest after he attacked a bus and injured three UFC fighters in the process with flying glass, scratching them from UFC 223 in Brooklyn.

Needless to say, an infuriated White promptly hung McGregor out to dry for single-handedly wrecking his card. McGregor was arrested, and then on Saturday the UFC stripped him of his title (when he hadn’t fought in ages) and handed it to Khabib Nurmagomedov. He was awarded the undisputed lightweight title Saturday at UFC 223 after he decisioned Al Iaquinta.

As if McGregor’s antics weren’t enough, this fight came about at the last minute because of yet another fiasco. Max Hollowayfailed to make weight and was deemed unfit to fight, so Iaquinta took his place. But Holloway himself had only taken the fight on short notice anyway, because Tony Ferguson got injured. Anyhow, this whole UFC 223 card was star-crossed from the get-go.

Back to McGregor for a moment. Some pundits out there are saying this whole McGregor bus attack incident was some sort of publicity stunt, to drum up fan interest for a big future payday down the line in the UFC.

Honestly, I don’t know how ending up in jail does much for McGregor at all. To my eyes, it seems like a good path for McGregor to wind up fighting for less pay in Bellator. Or even in the WWE, where Ronda Rousey is now. Believe me, McGregor would fit right in over there.

What a joke this is, folks. The UFC is fast becoming the biggest soap opera ever.