Trump’s tariffs dominate the News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere for this week and yet again the story is President Donald Trump, who once again shook things up on the world stage by announcing tariffs on steel and aluminum.

In response, the stock markets immediately tanked.

You know, every time you start thinking the Trump administration might finally be getting on track (his approval rating had apparently moved up to 50 percent recently), he always comes up with these crazy self-defeating moves that go against all his advisers’ advice. All this move will do is drive up prices for his own people in the USA, and that is why the markets reacted as they did.

And this is yet another trade headache for Canada. NAFTA is already on the rocks, but now we could have steel and aluminum tariffs imposed as well. You know, I think our hilarious prime minister Justin Trudeau needs to quit trying to make a fashion statement for himself in India; instead, he should stay home and start concentrating on the trade file, because it is turning into a disaster. Someone needs to starting talk some sense into this President, before he starts up a trade war with his northern neighbours — and everyone else.

In other news from the White House, I notice the White House is in chaos again, Hope Hicks has quit. So what else is news.

What else is going on? Well, I guess I should talk about the political news from frozen Canada.

The Ontario PC leadership race continues to be, uh, interesting. After the latest round of bad news, including news of an investigation into a riding nomination that he was alleged to be meddling in, Patrick Brown finally ended his own gong show and has withdrawn from the race to succeed himself. Thank God, finally. Now the party can finally move on from his train wreck and get on with electing somebody who can win the election.

The remaining candidates held their debate this week, and wow, was it ever a bloodbath with former family friends Doug Ford and Christine Elliott bludgeoning one another in particular.

Meanwhile, here in frozen Saskatchewan the NDP just elected Ryan Meili as leader. Unfortunately I was not at the convention in Regina, I was at a lacrosse game.

I should point out it was a big weekend here in Saskatchewan. In addition to the lacrosse game (in which the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders showed up), the Brier is on in Regina. Also, it is Telemiracle weekend.

Notably, the weather has been terrible. We got hit with a big snowstorm yesterday, but I understand an even worse snowbomb is due to hit Regina and eastern Saskatchewan over the coming 48 hours, with a foot of snow getting dumped.

I think that is all for now; I think I will be back later, for Oscar night.