Now, thoughts on XFL 2, the second coming! Heaven help us all

The news broke last week that WWE boss Vince McMahon is bringing the XFL back in 2020. Folks, anyone who was alive to see the utter embarrassment that was the XFL back in 2001 has to wonder why McMahon even bothers. I guess he has a lot of money to throw away.

Apparently, this attempt will be totally different from the cheerleader-strippers and stupid “He Hate Me” slogans on the backs of jerseys, all of which typified McMahon’s previous football effort.

One of the things McMahon plans to do is force all these players to stand for the national anthems; otherwise, they will be fired. This way, they figure, they will attract all the disgruntled fans currently fed up with all this political-activism nonsense ravaging the NFL.

Also, McMahon says he will keep the “criminals” out of this league – ie. Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel. So maybe this XFL 2 does stand a chance, after all — as the league for Trump voters.

I suppose there is one positive about all this. If this latest XFL makes it, it will give the Saskatchewan Roughriders a football league to play in if the CFL ever goes under.

(Ha ha ha! Actually, this is not funny at all; it could actually happen if more fans don’t show up.)