My 2017 Box Office Year in Review column is up!

I forgot to put this up, but I figure I should put it up before it gets too stale: the 2017 Box Office results. Obviously, the ultimate triumph of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was overshadowed by big jerk Harvey Weinstein and all his awful nonsense.

As an aside — I see that more articles have started to appear, talking about a growing backlash to the #MeToo movement. There was one piece by Andrew Sullivan that was particularly notable, saying it was time to resist the movement’s excesses, and it also mentioned that letter signed by 100 French women in Le Monde that took a similar stance.

Actress Catherine Deneuve was one of the women who signed that letter and I notice she has now had to dial back on it a bit and apologize to sex assault victims, after people got outraged on Twitter over it.

(Seriously, I think I’m with the people who worry this #MeToo movement is going too far. Due process has taken a hit, and I dislike the puritanical overtones of it. Of course, anyone who says this immediately gets piled on on social media — which is the surest sign of a witch hunt. Dialing back the hysteria would seem to be a good thing, but keep in mind, this is 2018 and this is a tall order.)

Enough of that. If you are wondering what happened at the box office this past weekend, here’s the story of how Jumanji took top spot.