Trump does it again; wants to keep people out from “s***hole” countries

President Donald Trump has yet again sent all of polite society into an outrage with his lewd, crude reported comments (I underline “reported”) where a source told CNN that Trump said “Why do we want all these people from ‘s***hole countries’ coming here?” in a meeting. Trump was apparently referring to Haiti and to African countries when he said this.

Now he’s gone too far, folks. I know people are up in arms over Trump disparaging and insulting these countries, but I don’t have as big a problem with that because a lot of places really are lousy to begin with.

My issue is he is disparaging the people from these countries who want to go to America! It doesn’t occur to Trump that there are people elsewhere in the world who are desperate to leave their terrible situations and despotic regimes, who would like to better themselves by pursuing and living the American Dream in a prosperous country that has basic human rights.

Immigrants are the backbone of the USA and are the ones who made the country successful, but obviously the President isn’t big on that and hasn’t been for a long time. Trump also bashed Mexicans right on the first day of his presidential campaign, as I recall. Honestly, I don’t know why the media is suddenly acting surprised. This is nothing new out of him.

Further on this topic, my dad is actually from one of these “s***hole” countries that Trump was supposedly referring to. South Africa!

Now granted, he emigrated during a much different era in South Africa, when things there were a little more prosperous. But it was still an awful country. Apartheid was terrible, the whites-only rule was awful! And life for the black population was very bad, indeed. South Africa was borderline fascist and 100-percent racist, and a blight to the world for that reason.

They have since gotten rid of apartheid, but while South Africa is admittedly a better place than a lot of other African countries and probably doesn’t deserve to be labelled a s***hole, the place has a litany of other problems now — crime, corruption, you name it. Plus, you still have South Africans leaving the country for job opportunities elsewhere in the world.

So, what is Trump saying — that he considers everyone in South Africa awful? That South Africans are supposed to stay there? I guess his real message to everyone in Africa is “don’t come to America”.

To which my response is: come here to Canada instead, we’re a much more welcoming country! Actually, it seems like almost the whole rest of the world is more welcoming than the United States is at the moment.

Anyway, that is enough from me about Trump for one session.


UPDATE: here is some South African reaction to Trump’s big filthy mouth, obviously a lot of South Africans feel insulted.

Full disclosure: I’ve been to South Africa on two occasions and didn’t think the place was a s***hole from what I saw of it. But that was a long time ago, back in apartheid days, and I was staying in top-notch hotels. So my views might be a little skewed for those reasons.