Weather report: not much escape anywhere from the COLD

Watching NBA games on TV from places like Phoenix and LA has got me thinking about where I might take a winter getaway vacation. As it stands, it looks like I am not going anywhere until the latter part of February at the earliest, and it’s not just because I have no money and have a ton of work assignments on the schedule. It’s also because it’s too darn COLD!

Check out this Weather Channel map of temps in the US of A tonight:

Of course Canadians are looking at this map and are laughing at these balmy temps (!). “You call that ‘cold’?” I think it’s actually warmer where I am in SK than in parts of Nevada. Las Vegas is not terrible, though, but not fantastic either — they are currently reporting 53 degrees F.

Based on this map, the usual-suspects southern California, southern Arizona and south Florida are your best escapes from the cold in the continental US. And just think, this map looked even worse only a few days ago. Winter sucks! That is all.

UPDATE: the NBA games are over and I am now watching live-streaming of poker. Las Vegas, I promise, I will be back one of these days.