Sorry, but I am not watching the Golden Globes, I’m sick of Hollywood

When it comes to the things I am interested in, I have long had a policy of “if it’s not fun anymore, I’m out.” I am fast reaching that point with the entertainment industry.

They are depressing, and their entire product is also depressing. Sorry, folks, but that is how I feel right now.

I’m not tuning in the Golden Globes, it looks like a miserable affair. These actresses who are wearing black tonight have legitimate gripes, but I have no interest in watching a funeral. As for the guys, who can root for any of them? I’m sick of Hollywood’s cesspool, and fed up with the film and TV industry’s self-importance and one-party politics. Drain the swamp, already.

I am currently tuned to the NBA, following a whole weekend of watching the NFL playoffs. In between times, I am checking my Twitter feed to see the usual cut-down reaction from conservative pundits and other critics to the Golden Globes; it’s more fun than the actual show.

UPDATE: I guess the real news to come out of the Golden Globes is that Oprah is running for President. (!)