Welcome to 2018; I spent the last day of 2017 in airports

Hi. Usually I would have more to say around this time of the week, but I am still recovering from my Christmas holidays. I am still recuperating from New Year’s Eve, when I spent a difficult day trying to travel back to Saskatchewan from Kelowna.

First, my plane was delayed an hour leaving the Kelowna International Airport, so I missed my connection in Calgary. When I finally got to Calgary, I found out the airline had put me on the 8 pm flight to Saskatoon.

Instead of sitting in Calgary airport for an unexpected several-hour layover, I took the bus to downtown Calgary in minus-30 conditions and had dinner at McDonald’s. That was, uh, interesting (drug addicts, etc.). If I had more time, I would have gone up the Calgary Tower, but I didn’t.

I finally landed in Saskatoon around 10 pm and it was past midnight by the time I was home again. Not fun at all. Anyway, I plan to do a big screed for the paper about all the hilarity that ensued on my Christmas vacation, for myself and other unfortunate travellers.