Trump triumphs on tax reform, and other News from Nowhere

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus (!) (?) and welcome to News from Nowhere for this weekend, marking the conclusion of yet another amazing week of President Donald Trump dominating the headlines. I mean, really, what more must this guy do to be the top newsmaker of the year? The media won’t even give him his due for that title, either, after all the endless havoc he has wrought all year.

Maybe it is because Trump has been “winning” too much lately — something the press is clearly having a difficult time accepting.

Here’s what Trump did this week: he signed the tax reform package into law. That’s right, it’s lower taxes in the United States of America. That has some people in some neighbouring countries (ie. Canada) shaking a little bit over the prospect of jobs and investment relocating to the much friendlier business climate of the USA.

The other thing Trump did to get the masses excited this week was recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. That caused the UN to vote to condemn the USA for this move, but not before ambassador Nikki Haley reminded the UN about, ahem, just who it is that writes the cheques for that organization.

Oh, and a terror plot planned for Pier 39 in San Francisco was foiled. Good job. Anyway, lots of winning is going on in the USA right now; it is almost enough to divert everyone’s attention away from lunatic North Korea’s latest annoying missile test.

In other news, the Miss America Pageant is in a huge uproar. Seriously, if it weren’t for this Trump character, this would actually be the biggest story in the USA right now. The former pageant winners have all been calling for the CEO Sam Haskell’s head, and others, over leaked emails in which the CEO had insulted the contestants. We’re talking disparaging and crude comments about contestants and in particular the winners.

That’s terrible. No class at the top, whatsoever, towards your own people. Anyway, the CEO has been suspended; people think he ought to be fired. Dick Clark Productions have already cut ties with the organization in protest.

Of course, I have had issues with the running of the Miss America Pageant for, well, decades, long before this current regime took over. What they do need to do is clean things up, and I mean really clean house. Some are suggesting this is going to be the end for the Miss America Pageant, but I don’t know about that; you would hate to see a long tradition come to an end because of the actions of a total nitwit. All that’s needed here are some good firings of people.

(Also, before anyone drags Pres. Trump into this muck, too, remember that his involvement was with Miss USA, not Miss America.)

Other news:

The latest from southern California is that the wildfires are still going on and still wreaking havoc.

Next, also from southern California: legendary sports broadcaster Dick Enberg has died.

While he is best known for his work with NBC ( esp. Wimbledon and the NFL), Enberg also had spent extensive time calling sports in the Southland, including the Angels and more recently the Padres.

Finally, it turns out this was a big week of news from Southern California. As if they don’t have enough to be excited about down there, with the fires and with the Rams winning and so on, it seems residents were freaking out over a strange sight in the skies that people speculated was a UFO or even a nuclear missile! Aaargh!!

Ha ha ha. Turns out all it was was the latest SpaceX launch.

I’m sure there were some people there who might have thought this was Santa 🎅 getting an early start with his sleigh. What a joke. Anyway, Merry Christmas, folks!