So, what do you think of Catt Sadler leaving E! Network in a pay dispute?

The news from “TV land” yesterday is that Catt Sadler left her longtime hosting job at E! the other day in a pay dispute. The reason is Sadler is insulted over a “massive pay disparity” between herself and her male co-anchor Jason Kennedy, who is making twice as much as her. And the network wouldn’t meet her demands for equal pay in her contract extension discussions, so she’s done at E! as of now.

Everyone is now pounding E! for their lousy gender-inequality towards their female talent. But I actually think E! would be open to Sadler and Kennedy being paid the same. Except, what they’d probably prefer is to dock Kennedy’s pay 50 percent when his contract is up!

Ha ha ha. Actually, I don’t think this is funny at all.

Update: For the “other side of the story” to answer all the usual crazed haters on social media, here is what Jason’s wife Lauren Scruggs Kennedy had to say.