Toronto FC win the MLS Cup! All of Toronto ought to be celebrating

The big happening today was Toronto FC winning the MLS Cup today 2-0 over Seattle. It is the first time the Cup has been won by a team from Canada! It also avenges last year’s shootout defeat in the same stadium. Jozy Altidore scored the first goal and was the MVP.

Now, my rant. I have been trying to tune in the all-Sports radio stations from Toronto on the Web, hoping to hear excited fans calling in to celebrate this victory, but instead we have been getting nonstop coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Folks, I don’t care about the Leafs, or the NHL today. Toronto, and for that matter Canada, just won a major title in the most important, most popular sport in the world. People in Toronto ought to be bleeping excited, just as they should be bleeping excited about winning the Grey Cup two weeks ago.

So, be excited! Winning a title doesn’t happen every day. Besides, you have the entire rest of the hockey season to care about the Leafs.