Michael Flynn fallout, and more News from Nowhere

Here is another News from Nowhere for this Saturday morning, as we continue to examine the latest Russia fallout with Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

What is more, reports are that he is cooperating with this whole Robert Mueller Russia collusion investigation, and this is considered very bad news for the Donald Trump administration. It means Mueller could potentially dig up even more dirt on possible collusion with the Russians during the election, with Flynn’s help.

In the aftermath of this, ABC News has had a particularly bad time, having to retract an erroneous Brian Ross special report on the whole situation. Citing an unnamed source, the story made the explosive claim that Trump had directed Flynn to make contact with the Russians during the election.

It turned out this happened not during the election, but while he was President-elect, which is different. ABC News has had to apologize, and Ross has been suspended for four weeks for this screwup.

Of course, this has prompted the great Leader of the Free World Mr. Trump to gloat again on Twitter.

All in all, the United States really is a mess right now, from the top down. As well, the sexual harassment hysteria has continued: I guess Geraldo Rivera was apologizing this week, and even NPR host John Hockenberry was in trouble, too.

Is there any good news happening at all down there? Well, for one, the tax reforms cleared the Senate, a big win for Pres. Trump. And the “Trump economy” is booming. Times really are good down there, apparently, except the American people are too angry and too busy being at each other’s throats to notice this.

Other stuff:

The British are at each other’s throats over the £50 billion bill that the EU wants to stick Britain with for Brexit. Now, really, folks, did the UK really expect that quitting the EU would be easy? Of course the EU was going to be unreasonable and would make life difficult.

In movie news, Coco took first place at the box office.

In football news, the college football playoff matchups are out after the championship games were decided the other day:

And in golf news, Tiger Woods is in contention at the Hero World Challenge! American sports fans might prefer to watch that instead of these NFL players bending on a knee again during the anthems.

I think that is it for now, as I am now going to tune in to the aforementioned golf. Why? Because it is a nice peaceful sport and that is exactly what I need after this past week: something relaxing. See you later.