National anthem update: Vin Scully swears off the NFL

Welcome to yet another “National Anthem Update” on this latest NFL Sunday. As it turns out, people are still mad about all this kneeling before the anthem going on. The latest to voice his disgust: the beloved legendary retired LA Dodgers baseball announcer Vin Scully.

Scully declared he will never watch an NFL game again because of all the disrespect shown to all the armed forces with this anthem nonsense. Well, this is easy for him to say, since he is retired and therefore does not have to worry about losing his job for telling it like it is. Scully also would probably prefer to watch baseball over football anyway.

But it shows you how rankled people still are about the issue. As an aside — does anyone else notice that you are not hearing nearly as many negative comments directed at baseball lately? Maybe it is because Major League Baseball and their players (who come from all over the world) have done far less to tick off the fans than the NFL lately.