Movie news: Harvey Weinstein departs, and Blade Runner 2049 underperforms

Here is my movie box office update, focusing on Blade Runner 2049, although I guess the real news from Hollywood is that Harvey Weinstein was removed from The Weinstein Company over sexual harassment allegations. 

I suppose I am not surprised it has now come to this, because there have been endless reports for years about how tyrannical Weinstein was. I guess the other controversy that erupted was that Republicans were accusing Democratic supporters of trying to protect and save Weinstein, pointing in particular to big feminist attorney Lisa Bloom who briefly represented him. They were calling her a hypocrite for doing this. The bottom line, though, is the company’s board has fired Weinstein and may go so far as to take his name off of the company. Anyway, that’s that for him. 

To the main news from the weekend box office, the story is that Blade Runner 2049 has done worse than expected. Yes, it finished in first place, but the weekend domestic gross is only $31.5 million — way short of expectations, although the international opening grosses are going to be $50 mil. Honestly, I don’t get it, yet again, because the original Blade Runner was considered a classic! I thought there would be far more enthusiasm for this effort than what it turned out to be. Then again, what has gone on at the box office has confounded experts all year.