Latest Trump outrage: going after everyone in pro sports!

So, anyway, I guess the latest controversy today in the Upset States of America is that President Donald Trump is going after NFL players who don’t stand for the national anthem, calling for them to be fired, and that he also disinvited the Golden State Warriors from coming to the White House the day after Steph Curry said in the press he’d vote against attending the White House. 

So now every single one of these NBA and NFL athletes are at war with President Trump. Moreover, Trump’s “base” of supporters, who are already mad at these players for being so disrespectful during the anthems, are now threatening boycotts of both these leagues.

My suggestion to Trump supporters: follow NASCAR instead, because you know for darned sure those folks will stand up for the anthem! Honestly, folks: what a country. There is no escape from politics down there.

Update (Sunday): here is the latest reaction on Twitter as of Sunday morning. 

And the view from up here in Canada:

Another update (Monday): Oh, great. Trump is now dragging NASCAR into this whole political fracus:

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s response: