Parsons Green subway attack, Jemele Hill, Ben Shapiro and more News from Nowhere

So, folks, it is another depressing week of news here at News from Nowhere. I guess the latest bad news has been this Tube terrorist attack at Parsons Green that is yet again the work of Isis. Two arrests have been made and the threat level has now been lowered from “critical”. 

Anyway, it is more for people in the world to think about, in addition to North Korea’s usual antics and all the rest of it. 

As for our friends in the “Upset States of America”, they have had another one of their usual weeks with everyone getting offended by everyone. Business as usual.

The big news earlier this week had to do with ESPN hosts injecting themselves into politics again as one of their hosts Jemele Hill trashed Donald Trump on Twitter, as she Tweeted out “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists“. Trump supporters demanded Hill be fired for these outrageous comments, but instead ESPN gave Hill a slap on the wrist — and allowed her to keep her job

Then came the even more outrageous news that ESPN veteran Linda Cohn was suspended for going on the radio in April and saying ESPN overpaid for sports rights and pointing to politics as a reason for the ratings decline. She’s right! But for some reason, speaking the truth gets you suspended by ESPN while hurling slurs at the President gets you off scot-free. It almost seems like a double-standard at work.

Then, adding to this drama, persistent ESPN critic Clay Travis went on CNN to give his thoughts on this whole situation, in which he repeated what he said earlier in his print column: that the only two things he believes in are “the First Amendment and boobs.” And the entire interview immediately derailed as the uptight CNN host couldn’t believe what he just said

But really, all outrageousness aside, the point Travis seems to be making is a valid one: that freedom of speech really is under attack in the USA, and that there is a double-standard. A good example has been what has gone on for months on end at ESPN, with conservative voices being muzzled while liberals get to rant and rave all the time, to the disgust of sports fans tuning in.

More proof the USA is still crazy: the culture wars are still on! Berkeley was, as usual, the scene of the crime yet again this week, except this time a conservative voice actually was allowed to get a word in, for a change.

Daily Wire editor/pundit Ben Shapiro went in to give his speech to students called Say No to Campus Thuggery, in which he went on the attack against Antifa and these other anti-free-speech fascists who like to shout down dissenting people. 

“Thanks to Antifa, and the supposed anti-Fascist brigade, for exposing what the radical Left truly is; all of America is watching because you guys are so stupid. It’s horrifying, I am grateful, and you can all go to hell, you pathetic, lying, stupid jackasses.”

This speech went ahead amid massive security — $600,000 was spent on protecting Shapiro, apparently — as well as massive Antifa protests outside. These Antifa crazies were accusing Shapiro of being a white supremacist, of being a Trump supporter, of being a fascist, the usual slurs. Anyway, this is more proof of how freedom of speech is under attack in the USA. A speech by a conservative is enough to spark a big panic.

The real problem is it’s “all politics all the time” in America right now. Of course, a week ago we had the Miss America Pageant which was won by Miss North Dakota for the first time in its history — but not before judges put finalists through the ringer in the interview segment, by posing plenty of hot-button questions that encouraged contestants to slam the President.

I guess the latest news out of America is that a cop was acquitted of murdering a black man in St. Louis, so it is violence and protests every night now in St. Louis. 

Isn’t America fed up yet with all this civil unrest? You would think one night would be enough. Also, I understand Hillary Rodham Clinton has a new book out on “what happened” in the election, in which she blames everyone for her defeat

Finally, the Emmys go tonight and it promises to be yet another all-politics left-fest. Such is life in America. No matter where you turn, there is no way to avoid getting politics shoved down your throat whether you like it or not.

That’s all I feel like saying about all this U.S.A. nonsense for now.