Hi, folks, we had fun this morning following the Solar Eclipse.

So, this was our morning at the paper as we used the old pin-hole-in-aluminum trick to watch the moon take a bite out of the sun during the 2017 Solar Eclipse at around 11:41 a.m.

Other than that, the Eclipse was a bit of a bust where we were — it didn’t get all that dark, and making matters worse, I couldn’t find any of the special glasses you needed to view the Eclipse safely. So I couldn’t stare at the sun like everyone else did. 

Also, I tried listening to long-distance AM radio signals that might have bounced off the atmosphere during the Eclipse, but that was also a bust. The conditions just weren’t good enough.

I suppose I needed to be in Carbondale, Illinois or Casper, Wyoming today if I really wanted to experience this event fully. Mainly, I experienced it vicariously by watching all the feeds from the TV networks covering it. TV news people live for this sort of stuff, although I noticed Shepard Smith of Fox News didn’t look too happy to be covering the Eclipse while stuck in a studio.

Anyway, that’s Eclipse 2017 from my vantage point.

(Update:) Below are some of the Tweets that were sent out this morning about the big eclipse.