California bar exam might become “easier” (!) (?)

Read this story that they are thinking of making it easier for potential attorneys to pass the California bar exam. 

Based on the tone of the coverage, you would think what California is considering doing is “lowering their standards” to allow more of the “loser” lawyers in. 

Becoming more reasonable is more like it!! It seems the real problem in California is not that the bar exam is particularly a more difficult test than the ones elsewhere; it’s that they set an unreasonably high pass score for people to clear, way worse than almost all the rest of the ‘States. 

Honestly, I don’t see what the deal is with California’s bar examiners; it’s not as if the law there is particularly harder to understand as opposed to the rest of the United States. It’s not as if their laws are even all that different. And yet, it’s so much more difficult to pass the California bar! Someone who flunks in California could put in the exact same effort in most other states and pass on the first try, and they’re able to practise law. Yet California feels this “macho” need to have a ridiculous “get-tough” bar exam that flunks so many people for no good reason. 

The only rationale I can think for having such an unreasonable bar exam is to keep out potential competition for the practitioners already there! But any aspiring lawyer already knows there’s lots of better places to be than California, because their taxes are through the roof. Really, the tax rates alone would be enough to drive most lawyers to Texas or Arizona instead — that, and the wildfires. Anyway, I don’t get it. 

Maybe common sense is finally prevailing in the Golden State with their bar exams; then again, common sense is not something you particularly associate with the legal profession and how it operates.