Trump White House tossing people at a rapid rate, and more News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere for what is a hot Tuesday night where I am at the moment. Obviously, I have a lot of catching up to do here, because it seems like every day brings some new drama, some new piece of chaos, involving the White House of Pres. Donald Trump

On Friday it was the departure of Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, to be replaced by John Kelly. Then on Monday, it was the end of director of communications Anthony Scaramucci after just 10 days, following a profanity-laced tirade in an interview with a reporter. 

Now, I guess the latest thing people are mad over are these reports that Pres. Trump weighed in on his son’s misleading statement to the press about Russian interference in the election. Anyway, it is still chaos there in D.C., but as far as I can see all the chaos mainly has to do with the White House staffing and the President’s political enemies in the “Swamp”, I mean Congress. It does not have much to do with his actual policies at the moment — which are getting no traction anyway, mainly because the White House is gripped with self-inflicted paralysis. 

Anyhow, maybe this guy Kelly will impose some order and get the Trump agenda back on track. But this really is a soap opera – not a “reality show”, a “soap opera”, because there has been way too much “drama”. There have been too many “leaks” and too little “governing” getting done.

The governing had better start getting accomplished, because the world is looking to the USA for leadership right now in dealing with North Korea. A few days ago, Kim Jong-Un’s absolutely crazed regime fired another missile, this one capable of hitting the continental USA, and everyone is freaking out that North Korea’s lunatic antics will trigger World War III. And of course, too many world leaders and governments are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. Something has to be done to stop this maniacal regime, right now, because they are a danger to all civilization. 

Then you have Venezuela, a place formerly known for oil and for winning beauty contests around the world, but which now is rapidly descending into third-world chaos and economic and political ruin. The hard-left Nicolas Maduro regime held their sham referendum on the weekend designed to turn that democratic country into a total one-party dictatorship (ie. Cuba). Now, the place has erupted in deadly violence, and the USA is imposing sanctions. Etc. Etc. What a mess. 

And once again, the question is: where is the rest of the world here? Sitting at home, for the most part, again. 

  • Other news of note: CBC’s The National will have four people fronting its revamped newscast this fall to replace Peter Mansbridge. Believe me, folks, the CBC needs at least that many people to explain the insanity going on elsewhere in the world to Canadians. 
  • Also going on: it seems Calvin Ayre recently settled his outstanding criminal charges against him in the USA for operating his Bodog online gambling empire. Ayre is interesting because he is from, get this, near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan! He has gone on from that to a life living large in the gambling business in the Caribbean, but you never hear about him in Saskatchewan. I guess the locals don’t consider Ayre to be one of them. Anyway, with this settlement Ayre can finally show his face on American soil again. 
  • In sports, good news for LA, they are getting the Olympics– in 2028
  • Finally, I notice the Tampa Bay region was socked by Tropical Storm Emily, a storm that served as a good reminder to folks in Florida that, hey, it’s Hurricane Season now and you need to be prepared. Yes, no major Cat.3 or above hurricane has made landfall there in the USA in some 4300 or so days, but it came really close with Matthew, and Sandy made a mess before that, and it would not surprise me if this is the year the luck finally runs out. Heck, luck seems to be running out on several fronts at the moment.

That is all I feel like doing. A reminder to myself to post soon about (a) the BC forest fire/smoke situation, and (b) the UFC, as there has been some news that Bisping vs. St.-Pierre is back on. More later.