Valencia-Cosmos update

I am currently tuned in to audio feed of the Valencia-Cosmos game online and following what is going on with the match updates on the Cosmos website. I guess the audio is not in Spanish after all, but Valencian. No wonder I can’t comprehend it, then.

Honestly, folks, it sounds like the Sask. fans are sitting on their hands there – no singing or chanting, nothing. Just polite clapping. I’m surprised, because Sask. fans are infamous for being loud and rowdy.

Based on what I see on Twitter of the stadium “pitch”, I am not impressed! There are lines all over the field! Now you know, Regina, why Toronto FC fans were whining so loudly when the Toronto Argos moved in as co-tenants at BMO Field. Those soccer fans there were deathly afraid there would be football lines all over the field, just like what you are seeing at Mosaic Stadium today! And it really does ruin the look of the soccer pitch. Couldn’t they have figured out something beforehand to get rid of the lines for this game? Heck, they figured out how to do it in Toronto. 

(Update: on further inspection it looks like they did try and paint over the lines. But they did a lousy job, you can still see all the lines all over the field.)

It is great to see this “beautiful game” in Regina, but it looks like Saskatchewan still has work to do to get the hang of this strange “soccer” sport yet.