WSOP Main Event playing down to the final table tonight

This is it! The $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event is playing down tonight to a final table, we presume, at the Rio in Las Vegas. It is down to 18 players as I speak; the last nine survivors will then reconvene for the final table which happens, uh, later this week on Thursday and Friday, and not in November as was the case previously. Updates here.

As an aside, it has been totally frustrating trying to follow this freaking WSOP all freaking summer! First of all, instead of the WSOP providing free livestreams on their site for the fans as they did in the past, they consigned it to PokerGo which expects people to pay $10/month for their feed. No way am I paying for that waste of money, I’ll watch the non-WSOP poker feeds on Twitch instead! Second of all, I am mad at TSN because instead of showing the two hours of ESPN’s WSOP coverage that was scheduled for Saturday, they instead showed the same Wimbledon tennis match on four of their five channels. Canadian poker fans who had waited all year to watch the World Series of Poker Main Event on TV ended up with a grand total of 18 minutes of WSOP action on Saturday on TSN! 

So, once again, I’m furious at Canadian sports-television programming decisions, and mad at Canada for having to live here and put up with second-rate TV options, etc., etc. Even the Mexicans have it better than us, folks! There, that is my rant about that, now back to watching the WSOP coverage on TSN. At least they’re showing some of tonight’s coverage!

Update (Tuesday): the final table is now set!