BC is being ravaged by wildfires: 14,000 evacuated

The big story on the west coast, and frankly throughout much of Canada, is the rapidly escalating forest fire situation across British Columbia. The number of fires has escalated and more places are seeing evacuation orders, including 100 Mile House. Williams Lake is particularly a hard-hit area. In total, 14,000 residents have been forced to flee, with reports of 220 fires. I understand the western U.S. States are also getting hit hard by fires at the moment.

Of course, my family is in Kelowna, BC, and while they aren’t living in the impacted areas of these particular blazes, nevertheless there was a big fire that levelled a condo build there on the weekend. Yikes!

Here are some of the Tweets that I re-Tweeted about the situation over the last few days:

All in all, this is not a good situation. What is worse is that I’m meant to be in BC next month for what is supposed to be a vacation. 

Hopefully, that is still what it will be: a vacation, and not yet another news story that I will be in the middle of.