Fox Sports in turmoil: Jamie Horowitz fired, writers out the door etc.

It is bad times at Fox Sports. Today, they fired their head man Jamie Horowitz over apparent sexual harassment allegations. It also looks like Horowitz has hired a lawyer and is preparing for a big fight over this. This latest news is just a week after Fox Sports canned 20 of their writers as they turned their website into one that is video-only content.

This latest whacking of writers is what I care about the most, because it come on the heels of the other well-publicized bloodbaths at ESPN and elsewhere. Quite honestly, I don’t like this move by Fox Sports at all, and I don’t like what’s going on at ESPN, but my opinions as a consumer never seem to matter. I notice Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage did a huge screed in which he analyzed whether this is the death of sportswriting as we know it. Travis basically lays the blame on the business model of getting ad clicks, saying it’s a broken business

So, where the heck are the fans expected to get the latest scoops, now, on what trades are happening? From thin air? I guess the teams and leagues have their own writers who can supply this information on their websites, but in my mind a lot of their content is less about sports news and more about “propaganda”. 

It seems to me there is still a big demand for “insider” information (as the recent NHL and NBA free agency coverage has proved) from these sports media outlets. Instead, we are getting “debate shows” with hosts arguing the merits of LeBron James every week. We’re seeing the likes of Skip Bayless being shoved down peoples’ throats — who, by the way, was a prime Fox hire by Horowitz, along with fellow bigmouths Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock

As far as I can tell, there is overwhelming fan sentiment against seeing any more of Bayless, or Stephen A. Smith or any of their ilk! Yet these sports media organizations somehow believe this is what will make them money! In fact, ESPN is getting totally roasted today for foisting Stephen A. on the fight fans during their boxing coverage the other night.

Something’s out of whack, all right, when fans are being prevented from getting the content they actually want! That is all.