Bad News Roundup dominated by Steve Scalise shooting, blaze in London 

Welcome to Bad News Roundup, on what is typically the worst news day of the week, Wednesday. Wow, was it ever a bad day, right from the moment you woke up. 

Let’s run down what has happened:

Bad news No. 1: House third-ranking Republican Congressman Steve Scalise among several people shot by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter today at a practice for tomorrow’s congressional baseball game. For his part, Sanders has denounced what has happened. Scalise is in critical condition.

Bad news No. 2: A massive inferno at a London apartment highrise has killed at least a dozen people.

Bad news No. 3: A shooting at UPS facility in San Francisco kills three people.

Bad news No. 4: Legendary Canadian Football League coach Don Matthews has died of cancer

Bad news No. 5: Here is one of those stories that is sure to end as “bad news” regardless of what the final outcome is. I am talking, of course, about the Bill Cosby verdict watch.

Bad news No. 6: Sears.

Bad news No. 7: Finally, a story that really counts as bad news for only one individual: Donald Trump. Mueller investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, Washington Post reports.” 

Now that I have thought of it, this probably counts as yet more bad news for the people watching at home. The gong show continues.

I think that is all the bad news that fits for tonight.