Still waiting for a verdict on Bill Cosby

Folks, I am still waiting like the rest of you for a verdict on this Bill Cosby sexual assault trial, with Cosby accused of drugging and then having sex with his victim years ago. If convicted, Cosby could spend what is left of his life behind bars.

Day two of deliberations are over; back again, tomorrow.

I haven’t really followed a lot of this trial; in fact, this trial has been very hard to follow, period, because coverage has been so restricted. Not only did the judge throw out all the television cameras, but live tweeting of the proceedings by reporters has been banned, too. They might be trying to prevent another O.J. Simpson media circus situation. If that was the goal, it worked, because it doesn’t sound like much of a circus atmosphere there in Pennsylvania at all for the Cosby trial. Instead, the media has been going hog wild today covering Jeff Sessions. Really, D.C. is where the Big Top is these days.

In any event, this trial has been really short, lasting just six days, and the defence didn’t even call up Cosby to testify in his own defence. Their whole defence lasted just six minutes!

Cosby’s main defence strategy has seemingly been to simply crossexamine witnesses and try and discredit the prosecution’s entire case. They’ve tried to paint this whole relationship between Cosby and the victim as somehow consensual. Good luck with that one. We’ll find out soon enough what happens with Cosby.