TV news: new shows overshadowed by Tim Allen’s big cancellation

Last week was the annual “upfronts” previewing the new fall lineups for the major US television networks, and you can see the stories about what went down here, and here

I guess the biggest TV news of the past while is that ABC intends to bring back American Idol in 2018, which ruffles the feathers of the folks at FOX who thought they had sent this show off into the sunset already. 

Honestly, folks — why is this piece of junk coming back? Everyone is sick of American Idol; it produced a few stars during its first incarnations but descended immediately into total “who-cares-TV” after Simon Cowell left. Besides, there is a glut of other music and reality-show competitions on TV. This show ought to rest in peace.

Anyway, the big news is not the shows that are coming on the air, but the ones that are being cancelled. Of those, there are a few surprises. I notice ABC is in particular hot water for its decision to axe the still well-watched Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen. There are petitions going around protesting the cancellation, with accusations that this show is being booted off the air simply because Allen is a conservative. 

For his part, Allen says he is “stunned and blindsided“. People on the right are really taking this hard. Anyway, it looks as if 20th Century Fox is going to try and find a new home for it. 

Of the other cancelled shows, the one I found particularly notable was 2 Broke Girls, which had been on the air for years. I didn’t think it was in any sort of danger, but I suppose whenever a sitcom hits the six-year mark, it’s usually time to go. 

For those keeping track, here is the list of which network shows are dead or alive.