White House engulfed by post-Comey fallout, and more News from Nowhere.

“If it’s Sunday, it’s News from Nowhere”. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Actually, I don’t feel much like doing individual posts about all these news stories, which is why they are all going up here. It is the same old nonsense we have come to expect, particularly when it involves the Donald Trump administration. 

Trump clearly has one foot out the door of the White House after his firing of FBI director James Comey. Trump says he fired Comey because everyone’s lost confidence in him, but of course all his opponents are now saying this is “obstruction of justice” because of all the FBI investigations still going on into the Trump links to Russia. People are comparing this firing to the Saturday Night Massacre that eventually did in Nixon.

Whether firing Comey was justified or not, this move has simply added more fuel to the partisan fire that has engulfed Washington, D.C. lately. The Democrats are suffering from full-on “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump, preferably by impeachment. If the Dems take over Congress and the Senate in 2018, Trump’s as good as gone. You heard it here. 

I think Trump’s biggest problems are political and PR-related right now. And those issues are all internal. Trump needs to fire people, all right — folks in the White House.

Other news from the week: the big story was this massive ransomware attack on Windows operating systems that took down the National Health Service in the U.K. and computer systems in about 100 other countries, with the Russians apparently hard-hit. As bad as it was, it sounds like our side of the world was spared. It also sounds like the worst of it might not yet be over

Another story is that North Korea test-fired a missile again, but it’s almost getting to the point where this sort of thing isn’t really news anymore. What would be news is if one of these missiles hits somewhere and touches off World War III.

In political news, South Korea elected a new President this week. Also on the same day, BC held a provincial election and the final result is still uncertain, pending recounts. The BC Liberals under Premier Christy Clark won the most seats at 43, one short of a majority, but there is a recount going on in one seat that the NDP won by nine votes. As well, there is a lot of absentee votes still to be counted, so this really isn’t decided yet,

The other story has been the flooding situation across Canada, with Ontario and especially Quebec hard hit. They are also seeing a flood threat in Kelowna, but the latest I am hearing from there is that it’s not a bad situation there, yet.

A reminder to myself to tune in the Miss USA Pageant, tonight. From Las Vegas.

In sports news, Chelsea clinched the Premier League on Friday.

And finally, I have come to the rather sad conclusion that my taste in sports is rather gruesome. My favorite sports really are the ones loaded with violence and lots of death and destruction, with a lot of blood and guts being spilled. Such as: auto racing.

Last night, I tuned in the TV to see a big fiery wreck in the NASCAR race in Kansas, involving Joey Logano, Danica Patrick and Aric Almirola, with Almirola taken to the hospital! Yikes. Well, anyway, at least he wasn’t killed. 

And that is that for that.