Bill O’Reilly canned, Aaron Hernandez dead in prison, and other News from Nowhere

Welcome to News from Nowhere on a day when it seems all the news is happening at once. 

Indeed, all heck has broken loose again over at the Fox News Channel. Bill O’Reilly, their loud and obnoxious talk show host, was fired today in the wake of all kinds of sexual harassment and other allegations against him. This, coming after the mess with Roger Ailes.

O’Reilly had been on a vacation this week to Italy and he was in Vatican City today and even met the Pope. I guess he was there begging for forgiveness. Anyway, not even Pope Francis could perform a miracle to save O’Reilly today.

The reality is that O’Reilly had this huge political target on his back for years, and people on the left of the spectrum have been trying to get him fired for years for no shortage of reasons — for fabricating stories, for all types of things. It wasn’t just sexual harassment. I think all of it finally caught up with him, and the Murdochs finally decided they wouldn’t put up with any more of it.

I notice a lot of the left-leaning people were rejoicing today, saying “we finally got rid of him!” I find this reaction a bit worrisome. Glenn Beck is convinced this was the work of an organized smear campaign to try and drive O’Reilly off the air. Personally, I think the Fox News haters may be encouraged now to go after even more people at the channel. Who else is next: Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson?

I also notice the “culture wars” are still going on in the “Uptight States” and there was a huge clash that erupted at Berkeley on the weekend between the “AntiFa” crowd and the right-leaning folks. I guess the righties were holding a “Patriots Day” speech and these lefties decided they wanted to shut it down, again. Except, they made the mistake of losing their cool and getting violent.

I was amused by Gavin McInnes’ reaction to it all: he seems to think his side won this particular battle. McInnes has a point. People are getting fed up with the left censoring people and trying to shout their opponents down all the time. It really is anti-democracy, anti-free society and anti-free speech. 

Anyway, the folks on the left may have lost the battle at Berkeley, but they surely won a battle today in getting rid of O’Reilly.

Other news of the day, and this is a surprising turn of events: Aaron Hernandez is dead. The word is the former New England Patriots tight end committed suicide today in his prison cell, but even that is in dispute — some people think there is no way this is a suicide. 

This turn of events happens just says after his double-acquittal in a second murder trial. Now it looks like Hernandez’ murder conviction from his first trial could be vacated, all because his case was on appeal when he died, I’ll never understand the way justice works in Massachusetts, it’s almost as bad as Canada. Anyway, this sad story is over at last.

Also, I notice this news happened on the same day that the Patriots were at the White House celebrating their Super Bowl win with Donald Trump.

I think that will be all for now, there are some big hockey games I want to tune into tonight. See you later.