Today, UK prime minister Theresa May called a June 8 election

Well, this is a surprise

A lot of people think Theresa May and the Conservatives will crush Labour and the hapless Jeremy Corbyn

But I have to say this: if this were Canada we were talking about, voters would all be complaining about how opportunistic this was, and how the election was unnecessary and a waste of money, and then they would boot the government out and put in people who would end up ruining things anyway. 

Truly, this is another situation of “not again!” for U.K. voters, who already had one election two years ago, and then a Brexit referendum! Who knows what the real motivations are for this — whether this is to crush Brexit dissenters, or what. But this surely reminds me of what happened in Alberta with Jim Prentice.

We’ll see what transpires, but I would be cautious yet about accepting the conventional wisdom that it will be a Tory romp. We have seen some very strange elections all over the world lately. Heck, look at France and the motley cast of characters running there for President right now!