Aaron Hernandez not guilty of double murder. Another huge win for Jose Baez

Out of sheer boredom I tuned in to LawNewz and learned the jury had just come back “not guilty” for both murder counts against Aaron Hernandez. He was also acquitted of five of the six other charges.

Based on the analysis, it sounds like the prosecution had an uphill battle all along. Still, it is another big win for defence lawyer Jose Baez, his fees are going to go way up as a result of this. He even has a TV show now, on FOX, called You the Jury. Of course, the haters who hated him for what he did with Casey Anthony’s case are hating him even more now. Apparently Baez wasn’t in court today, though, for some medical reason.

As for Hernandez, he was already serving time for another murder, so it’s back to jail for him.