Sean Spicer’s gaffe, plus more world-going-to-heck news in News from Nowhere

It has been a crazy and bizarre several days of craziness and gaffes to report on for this edition of News from Nowhere. First, we had the infamous Kendall Jenner “protest” ad for Pepsi. Then we had this United Airlines overbooking nonsense. As if that wasn’t enough stupidity, yesterday White House press secretary Sean Spicer commits a White House gaffe of epic proportions. In making his case about how evil Syria’s Assad is, he tells the press corp that even the evil Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons“.

Uh, well, what about those gas chambers Hitler had? Anyway, Spicer has egg all over himself over this. I notice Dan Rather weighed in on it and said “a bar, already set low, continues to drop.” I simply think this is another example of Spicer being in over his head, looking like a rank amateur. It’s not the first time for him, either. 

You know, it’s incompetent stuff like this that continues to drag down the Donald Trump presidency, one that I keep on comparing to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. But this no longer only describes Pres. Trump — it describes his whole team at the White House, with all these stories about infighting there. The dysfunction is obvious to everyone. Seriously, Trump needs to do something he did so well on reality TV for years, and that’s fire people.

Trump himself is, at least, showing a few signs that he might finally be getting the hang of how to do this “presidency” job of his. Last week, Trump actually seemed to be presidential, very “Jekyll-ish”, by making a widely-hailed presidential decision to bomb the heck out of Syria for the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on their own people. The United States was finally showing them who was boss and standing up to these rogue regimes, they said. Now granted, people like Sen. Rand Paul were complaining about Congress not being consulted, but still, most people agreed that Assad had it coming. 

The problem is the Russians are reacting badly to all this as they continue to be all-in with this lousy Assad regime. They were raising the prospect of war over this attack, and quite honestly, I’m really worried. I worry one more incident in Syria could be the spark that ignites World War III

Just today, with his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over in Russia to attempt diplomacy, Pres. Trump was saying relations with Russia could be at an all-time low. Given the four decades of Cold War that went on, this is saying a lot. Let me add this: if the Russians can’t get along with Trump, of all people, then there’s no hope of them getting along with the Americans, period.

On a cheerier topic, let’s talk about North Korea, who have been threatening nuclear war in the wake of this Syria bombing. 

Apparently, this half-crazed Kim Jong-Un character has planned some “big event” for tomorrow, which is speculated to be a nuclear test. (Update – Friday: the “big event” turned out to be the opening of a new street! What a joke.) 

Meanwhile, the US and the Chinese have been talking and trying to figure out what to do about this maniacal regime.

While all this is happening, we have attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday, no less, and Piers Morgan cannot believe this is not major news. 

Also this week: a bomb explosion on the team bus of Borussia Dortmund prior to their UEFA Champions League game with Monaco. One player was injured; the match was postponed.

I mean really, the world has gone mad! You cannot even tune in the sports without being reminded.

In other sports news, the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are on. There better not be any bomb scares there.

As for Canada’s other favorite sport, the CFL, commissioner Jeffrey Orridge is walking the plank

Other craziness: you may have seen the last of Bill O’Reilly, who is on vacation from Fox News this week amid rumors he might not be back over sexual harassment allegations.

Sad news for viewers of David Letterman’s show: his mom died.

Box office news: another winning weekend for The Boss Baby, swamping Smurfs 3.

That is all I can stand, for now. I think I will spend the rest of tonight watching live South Korean all-news TV, just for the heck of it.