Alabama politics is surely more interesting than everyone else’s politics is at the moment

I’ve been following the fast-moving developments today of Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama being arrested and hauled into court, and ultimately resigning today over a scandal in which he supposedly used campaign funds to cover up an affair he had with a top aide. The resignation was part of his plea deal after he plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges; as part of the sentence Bentley also must repay approx. $36,000 in campaign funds and also serve 100 hours of community service. 

I’ve watched the coverage today from Alabama’s TV stations and was quite jealous of the reporters down there. I was going: “gee, I wish I was covering politics for a living!”

Then I realized: “wait a minute, you goofball, you already cover politics for a living!” But clearly, my political beat is not as exciting as what you’ll find in the deep South of the USA. Not by a long shot.